California Strategic Advisors

Our clients expect an excellent work product. And we love delivering that product to our clients. This is achieved by fully understanding the clients issues that need to be resolved and the execution of a thoughtful strategic plan.

The California Strategic Advisors team adheres to the following Principles of Commitment.

Comprehensive Policy Analysis
Our clients deserve more than a simple notification that legislation has been introduced that may impact their interests. Which is why we track and thoroughly analyze all relevant legislation and pending regulations that directly impact you. Our clients are well-informed, ensuring they have the necessary information to make the best decisions.

Ethical Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy
We effectively deliver your message to the Power Brokers in Sacramento. Ensuring positive outcomes without sacrificing your reputation. We pride ourselves on our relationships with key public officials, and we utilize those strong relationships to ensure your interests are heard loud and clear.

Critical Thinking
In the world of politics, having the right answer is not always sufficient. In fact, the passage of legislation can come down to which committees will be tasked with hearing the issue. We utilize innovative and dynamic strategies to ensure our members are appropriately represented.

Commitment to Excellence
Enough said.